Microsoft Tools

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               The tools available on this page are freely available on the Microsoft
               website at if you can be bothered looking for them.
                Some of the files are kept locally for your convenience.

               nmake make utility
                A tool for people who prefer the older MAKE system with MASM.

               16 bit MSDOS linker for MASM
                The correct linker for building 16 bit MSDOS applications using
                the version of ML.EXE that comes with MASM32.

               Visual C 6 Processor Pack  1 Meg Download
                If you own a licenced copy of the Visual C 6 development system,
                this is the processor pack that has ML.EXE version 6.15. You can
                either install it directly into VC 6 or extract the version of ML.EXE
                using Winrar or similar and use it with the MASM32 project.

               VCTOOLKIT 32 Meg Download
                This is a link to the MSDN site at Microsoft for the VCTOOLKIT
                that Microsoft have licenced as a free download for programmers
                who want to write applications for 32 bit Microsoft Windows
                operating systems.

                This is a premium tool from Microsoft where you can write
                applications in C, try out .NET and use the compiler to convert
                C code to MASM code.

               PLATFORMSDK 342 Meg Download
                You will need broadband to download the PLATFORMSDK
                otherwise you can get it on a CD directly from Microsoft for the
                price of the CD and shipping. This is the most up to date
                reference material for writing 32 bit Microsoft Windows progams.