Technical Reference

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                Intel Manuals
                The Intel manuals for the PIV series processors. A "must have" reference.
                You need Acrobat Reader to use the manuals.

                AMD Technical reference
                Site provided by AMD for reference to various AMD processors.

                win32 help file  8 Meg Download
                This is an old winhelp format help file that can be set up in the default MASM32 editor.
                It is not the latest technical data but is fast and easy to use and contains reference
                for the majority of standard win 32 API functions and messages.
                If this link does not work at any time, search GOOGLE for the file WIN32.HLP.

                Online API Reference
                Link to the Microsoft MSDN online database for the latest technical data.
                If you do not have the bandwidth to use this site, you can obtain the PLATFORMSDK
                CD directly from Microsoft for the price of the shipping. If you have the bandwidth
                you can download the PLATFORMSDK  here. The helpfile format is CHM.

                Online MASM Reference
                Online link to Microsoft's MASM reference site at MSDN.

                A very good technical reference site maintained by Christian Ludloff. Opcodes,
                technical reference and links to other hadware related sites.